We have an accomplished group of young people who put forth an amazing effort. As a result of their efforts, they are often honored with awards. 

Vinita FFA helps with Okmulgee agricultural education relaunch.

Empowering Youth...

“Empowering youth to take action to improve our food sources as well as the agriculture industry.”

What We're About

Vinita FFA is an agricultural based youth organization that is built around the theme of “Clean Foods.” The FFA program ecompasses concepts of agriculture and its place in our society as a youth development tool. Vinita FFA is very progressive on the “Farm to Fork” concept. The chapter has a garden that is used as a learning tool for a clean growing environment. The students are involved in all parts of the process from tilling the soil, planting, germination, and growth to harvest. The garden is grown in an organic fashion with a chemical-free process. The FFA members pick the produce and use it in the Farmer's Markets, caterings, and processed products. Vinita FFA believes in the responsibility of taking care of community members and learning about taking care of themselves. Vinita FFA empowers youth to be successful contributors to society.

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will, in the end, contribute most to REAL WEALTH, GOOD MORALS and HAPPINESS.”

                                                                        -Thomas Jefferson

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