Farmers' Market


Vinita FFA was chartered in 1950. FFA is a national youth organization that promotes agricultural education. The organization is far-reaching and not just “Plows and Cows”. Agriculture touches everyone’s life and it is a perfect arena for learning all types of life skills. Mrs. Carolyn Piguet, Vinita FFA Agricultural educator and advisor took charge of the program in the fall of 2010. Through the last few years, the Vinita FFA has transformed into a non-traditional program which centers around “Farm to Fork”, becoming a community-based, national winning organization. Farmer’s Market, Chapter gardens, catering and promotion of healthy, clean food is the driving force of the Vinita FFA chapter.


The Vinita FFA chapter members are key components to this community, the nation as well as the world.  The skills they are learning will propel agriculture into the future and sustain the world.

What we do

The Vinita FFA is a group of young agriculturalists that is growing in knowledge, skills, and leadership through agricultural education.  We care about food and the growing and preparation of it.  We care about our community and our world and want to promote a positive influence for our part in that inspiring task.

  • Agriculture and Community Outreach

    Beginning the summer of 2011, the Vinita FFA promoted a student-run Farmers Market that would be an event both valuable for the

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  • Grow Our Own Crops

    With the support of community members, Gary McGee and the Cherokee Nation, Vinita FFA has over an acre of garden space as 

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  • We Run A Food Truck

    Through a grant from the Cresap Foundation to the Vinita FFA, a food truck was purchased in June 2017. It was a game changer for the 

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  • Compete for State & National Awards

    The Vinita FFA has had very successful achievements since 2012 when the chapter won the National Chapter Award in Student Development.

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  • Work In Our Community

    The Vinita FFA is the first “go to” group for many of our community leaders and organizations for help and extra hands when activities are

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  • Learn How to Run a Business

    Agriculture is a very diverse area. The FFA encompasses the numerous opportunities that agriculture lends. Each Vinita FFA is required to

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