All Things Homemade

Shelly and Bob of All Things HomemadeA taste of good jalapeno jelly was the beginning of a business for Shelly’s Jelly’s creator, Bob Gorrell. It was not his intentions to start a business or even an idea at that point. He just wanted a good spread. After years of trying to find another jalapeno jelly to give him his jelly fix, he had given up hope. Determined to recreate the sought after flavor, Bob decided to make his own and he nailed it!

He wanted his friends to try it and they loved it. Then, he began to get requests for other flavors and he complied. As the time passed he ended up with 28 different flavors of spreads and had begun participating in our local farmer’s market with his wife, Shelly.

Business was booming and needed to take a professional turn. That is when Bob turned the business over to me, Shelly and our daughter, Christina.

While we do call our products Shelly’s Jelly’s and Old Bob’s pepper products our business name is All Things Hand Made.

All Things Homemade logoChristina and I took this little business to a whole new level. We make appearances at craft shows all over the state with our products. We even were able to hire a one of a kind illustrator for the pictures on our labels. With everything done professionally, we are now equipped to have our products in a variety of stores and shops.

We had to start with our most popular flavors and adding a few each year as we can. Eventually, we will have all 28 flavors.

Shelly Gorrell