Basket of produce in a field held by a farmer

Healthy Harvest Baskets Supporting Our Local Farmers and Businesses.

The FFA was created as a student organization for future farmers and even now that we nurture the interests of student leaders in all agricultural industries, farmers and the value they provide is at our core. That’s a big reason Vinita FFA works closely with farmer’s markets and other local food providers throughout our various programs. 

We are excited to partner with Piguet Prime Time to provide Healthy Harvest boxes, starting in Summer 2020. You can learn more on the  Piguet's Prime Time website’s FAQ page, but we wanted to introduce this amazing opportunity on our website as well! 

Healthy Harvest boxes are a delicious, affordable, and easy way to get fruit, vegetables, and other foods that are almost entirely grown or made in Northeast Oklahoma. Every other Friday, you can order a basket on the Piquet’s website and the basket will either be delivered or available for pickup the following week. Fridays are delivery and pickup days. The boxes will be available at Vinita High School at the FFA Building (Vinita FFA, 1238 W. Ashland Ave. Vinita, OK, 74301). 

Boxes are $25 each and there will be options for add-on items such as eggs, bread, and jams. Orders are only available on the Piguet’s website and payment must be made at time of purchase. 

Contact Piguet’s Prime Time for more information!

Some of the add-ons available in our Healthy Harvest Baskets.


The Vinita FFA chapter members are key components to this community, the nation as well as the world.  The skills they are learning will propel agriculture into the future and sustain the world.