Some like it hot! 

If you are a lover of hot and spicy have we got a company for you. 

Our February featured company is A & J Salsa.

Alice and Jimmy Morgan both had a hobby of gardening. Over time they began working together to develop their own salsa recipes.  They decided to turn their talent for growing vegetables and creating recipes into a business. They started the business A & J Salsa before they even got married. A & J Salsa is a true mom and pop company which sources most of their produce from the state of Oklahoma. 

The salsa selection ranges from a mild Sweet Pepper Salsa to the Extreme Hot Salsa which is full of Habanero, Ghost, and Trinidad Scorpion Peppers. Yowzah! You are going to want to give them all a try. A & J Salsa can be found in grocery stores all over Oklahoma but of course, the best place to purchase their quality hot sauces is right here on our website. When you purchase from the Vinita FFA the profits go toward funding our youth projects and furthering students’ education in agriculture. A & J Logo